Example No.1: Original Makie

A customer asked us if it was possible to apply her favorite lotus design by using urushi lacquer on her items. We considered that this job perfectly reflect the style of a female shokunin, Kiyomi Tomita, who has a feminine and elegant painting style. We started with designing a writing box, and then painted a hand mirror, a tissue paper case, a wine holder, a cell phone, a wristwatch, and a paperweight. Now, the lotus design items are available at the showroom, Fukui Minami Aoyama 291.

A original lotus makie design

Example No.2: Paint Urushi Lacquer on Interior

We received an order from a customer who is familiar with lacquerware. He wanted to repaint his speakers and lamp stand with urushi lacquer to match with his interior. We choose a proper shokunin for each piece. A shokunin who creates lacquerware bowls designed the lamp and another shokunin who makes lacquerware boxes repainting the speakers. It is important to have a good judgment to decide who does what depending on shapes. We have the expertise in recommending the right artist for the right project so that we can provide customers high quality custom made products.

Urushi lacquered aillumination lamp stand and speakers

Example No.3: Paint Urushi on Japanese Bamboo Flutes

Ms. Kazumi Motoroku, who is a "shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute)" player and a member of "Gakushi Gentatsu" in Fukui Prefecture, placed an order for urushi-lacquered shinobue. She told us that urushi-lacquered shinobues are sold at instrument stores; however, she wanted to own shinobues that has her own design painted by Echizen urushi shokunin in Fukui. It was the first time for us to paint a bamboo instrument even though we have over 77 years of experience. We asked another urushi shokunin in Fukui who has experience in painting bamboo and instruments to find out how it’s done. Four months later, we finally completed the order. She told us “these urushi lacquered shinobues make the sound more soft and warm."

Urushi lacquered Japanese bamboo flutes

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